John Mayer turned 31 today and thanks to Jennifer Aniston, his balls are a little bigger this year. Happy Birthday!

This is John yesterday at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the afternoon before his evening celebration at the Grand Havana Room where he was joined by his girlfriend-again. As you know, John and Jen are back together, reuniting some time last week in New York and Boston, travelling back to LA at the weekend, and seeing each other every night since.

Last night at the party, Stephen Huvane a source told People that:

"They seemed to be having a great time. They were sitting next to each other. They're a very good-looking couple and seemed happy together."

Those are the gratuitous details I love about every Jennifer Aniston strategic product placement. It’s like she needs to keep telling herself she’s pretty by telling it to People Magazine.

As for what she gave Douchebag for his birthday – well, let’s see. He’s the kid with bad skin and a weight problem in school who became a rock star but still has a complex, now dating one of the world’s most famous women, and held a press conference with the paparazzi to announce that he dumped her, not once but THREE times….

And still she came back for more…

Isn’t that the best present ever?

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