John Mayer couldn’t make a donation quietly, without fanfare. Of course not.

Philanthropy is all about the attention, right?

The shenanigans took place yesterday. On his Twitter John challenged TMZ to find his mug shot. So ensued a series of back and forth posts culminating in this photo taken several years ago when John was arrested for driving with a suspended license. Or something. Nothing serious.

To reward TMZ for its accomplishment, John then donated $25K, splitting the gift between two animal welfare organisations, which is wonderful, but again, if he wanted to be charitable, he didn’t necessarily have to do so by screaming for attention at the top of his lungs.

Then again, quiet and graceful isn’t exactly his style.

Surprise! Immediately after this latest exercise in famewhoring, John went out last night to get photographed. Not sure why he’s wearing Bruce Lee kung fu pants but they actually don’t look bad on him.

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