Taylor Swift is touring Australia. John Mayer, in yet another cryptic tweet, posted on his Twitter a while ago that he’s missing someone.

What's that song that goes "It's a quarter after one, I just huffed a can of ceiling paint and I need you now?" I like that one.

Who? Taylor?

Let’s go with that.

As you know, before she departed and prior to the Grammys, Swifty was in Nashville with Douchey, and while there’s an ongoing campaign to convince you that she’s dating Cory Monteith, likely spearheaded by her people in light of John’s skeezy reputation, I can assure you that many Nashville insiders saw them making out in town while he was there for Crossroads. Many. They say she seemed utterly “smitten” with him. There’s also a rumour they spent a night together at a hotel.

So thanks God for that tour. It pulled her away. And hopefully by the time she comes home, she’ll be over it and on to someone else.

Photos of John Mayer from February 5th performing in Florida from LSFL/Splahsnewsonline.com.