That’s the problem.

Some people are trying to sell some bullsh-t about Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer getting back together. Maybe because no one went to see her movie. Maybe because he worries no one cares anymore. It’s not like these two have never hooked up for a headline before, right?

So there was some speculation that they were back on, and a few outlets like The Huffington Post tried to intrigue us about John singing to Jen at his show the other night, cryptic comments during his crowd banter that was supposedly meant to tell her – or a woman who looked like her standing side stage – that he was ready to give it another go.

The story came and went.

Until John, naturally, decided to respond to it by vaginal hissy fit on his blog – you can read his wordy rebuttal here, as usual, full of his trademark “cleverness”, metaphors you know he’s had stored up for months, pre-written and waiting for an opportunity like that sh-t comes spontaneously. Please.

John Mayer probably googles himself more than Ebola Paris Hilton.

And as for getting back together with Jennifer Aniston – well, as HuffPo pointed out, he didn’t deny it.

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