A very good friend of mine - her father is as hilarious as my mother. He once objected to her attending a sleepover during middle school because "what if father is rapist?"

Amazing, non?

Similarly, when I was visiting my parents in Toronto last year - I was 33 at the time - my mother insisted on staying on the phone with me the entire ride. She noted his license number, his plates, and even made me pass the phone to him to make sure he knew that she'd hunt him down if I went missing. The best part? My husband was with me. She can treat me like an infant AND emasculate him at the same time. It's a gift.

Still..even if your mother isn't a freak, parental frustration is a universal sentiment, particularly with respect to technology. Something we can also share with celebrities.

This video of John Mayer trying to help his dad figure out his computer - it's the best thing ever.

In typical John fashion, he had to, of course, have this conversation in front of the paps even though his car was waiting for him a mere 3 feet away. But ignore that ...because the rest is genuine. The irritation, how quickly the high pitched whine, the clenched jaw muttering, and the exasperation starts to creep into his voice, the way your parents can take you from calm to apoplectic in 2 seconds...who can't relate?

With my mother it's her cell phone. She has these long ass nails (real) and can't punch the buttons accurately. So by mistake she'll keep changing her ring tone or she'll misdial some relative she doesn't want to talk to who'll hit her up for cash.

Of course she blames the phone and or the phone company.

"Aiya! Rogers! Cost me two hundred! Why?"

The worst is that she always, always calls me to troubleshoot her phone issues while I'm driving.

And when I tell her I can't help her, she unfailingly replies that I should be careful where I'm going. That the fates are not forgiving of those who don't help their mothers. Which is why I inevitably always end up pulling over 2 minutes later to call her back. Nothing motivates like the divine possibility of driving off a bridge.

Click here to see John Mayer lose his sh-t over dad.

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