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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 16, 2009 12:19:53 October 16, 2009 12:19:53

John Mayer decided to clear up a rumour on Twitter yesterday. No, not that rumour. He ignored that rumour but instead addressed another one:

Rumor check: went to gay bar in Palm Springs, yes. Had a blast. Danced my face off. Someone there planted a kiss on me? No.

I don't like the story painting gays as unable to control themselves. Found the crowd even more respectful than in a straight club.

You know who the most flamboyant crowd is? Straight, drunk girls. They're like a bunch of little Charles Nelson Reillys.

See now I have to give John some love for this. For standing up for the gays. Especially in light of what that ass hag piece of sh-t Jan Moir wrote in The Daily Mail today. Yay for homophobia, right? If ever there was an excuse to slap a bitch…

Chill. I know. Violence is wrong. But it doesn’t mean you can have urges.

Anyway, John speaks the truth there for once. Straight drunk girls are the worst. The most obnoxious. The most embarrassing.

As for his silence on the other rumour that’s buzzing around him – well, his silence is telling, non? Not only because he and Jen are indeed loving again undercover but also because John Mayer has a new album to sell. Very convenient.

He posted the album cover on his Twitter today. You will note he is borrowing from the School of Robert Pattinson Posing. Open mouth douchebag.

Also attached – photos of John at the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball last night.

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