John Mayer covers the new Details. Don’t ask me to summarise the article for you. Just know that he uses a lot of big word and puts them into abstract thoughts and jerks off to the sound of his own voice and the profundity of his purely original thoughts.

Looking at John Mayer is stressful for me. Because there are a lot of people we know who think that Jacek looks like him. I can’t see it. Very well could be a mental block. But we’ve heard it from friends who don’t even know each other on various different occasions who’ve all made the same observation.

Jacek drinks scotch.

F-ck me, John Mayer tells Details that he drinks scotch.

It’s a small detail, totally inconsequential, but it’s making it worse. I do not want to have my husband and a pissing douche linked inextricably in my head. No, Jacek isn’t perfect. He’s cheap and can’t dress and tells horrible jokes but he isn’t a pretentious prick in love with his own prick and he certainly has never asked me if I want to shower under his Polish stream.

Anyway, you can read the full Mayer interview here including his thoughts on his reputation, his music, on blogs, on Twitter, and something about jazz-hands.

You will also note that it was during this interview that he ran into Spittle Gerard Butler.

It was a Douche Summit.

On the douche scale, I’d have to say Mayer > Butler. Butler is a brute pig. Mayer’s just the loser in high school who is making up for lost time.

He was in Toronto last night promoting Battle Studies. Apparently he also cancelled a few tv appearances but did end up at a bar where horny broads were lined up outside hoping to get in for a drop of juice.

Am also attaching a few photos of Mayer with Alexa Chung last week. He looks good. He looks good in all of these shots. But he does not look like Jacek. No.

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