He can’t help himself, you know? He can’t help bringing things back to his favourite subject.

John Mayer’s favourite subject is John Mayer.

Thanks to M at Berklee College for sending this in:

Hi Lainey!!
I'm in my last year at Berklee College of Music in Boston where John Mayer briefly attended. Yesterday I was in my stage performance class taught by Livingston Tayler (Jame's Taylors brother). He told us we were having a guest half way through the class and half way through John Mayer walks into our class!! I guess they're really good friends and Livingston invited him to our class. I kind of expected him to be cocky and whatnot because of all the stuff I read about him but he was actually so great. SO goodlooking in person and REALLY FUNNY. He gave us the most genuine and useful advice about careers in music and about songwriting. He was modest and just sat in front of the class like a regular guy I would see walking around school.

One of the first things he told us about performing was "Never apologize....on stage or in bed" lol

He did go on a random tangent about dealing with the paps and how we all deserve our 6-8 feet of space...I was like ya we get it your famous..but we aren't...yet :)

My friends were texting me daring me to ask him about Jessica Simpson but that would have been pretty embarrassing...and all the die hard fans in my class would have started an up roar.

BUT he was talking about figuring out what you want to achieve in your career and how we should make small goals along the way..and then he said (I don't remember word for word but this is really close)”:

"Someone said the most genuine thing to me once over dinner...You're not allowed to guess who she is but she's famous and you all know of her...we were talking about her career and she said "I just want to make people to love me". I think that was definitely Jessica Simpson!!! probably the juiciest thing he said...everything else was actually so nice and inspiring.

well I just thought I'd let you know, hope you enjoyed!


Very kind of him to drop in and mentor some students. But do you love how he compulsively had to mention his “famous” friend? Like it was germane to the discussion? Great John, thanks. Let’s now spend the rest of the class preoccupied by who that famous person must have been.

He can’t get enough of his own sh-t, can he?

And while M thinks he must have been talking about the Porny, I’m more inclined to believe it was Jennifer Aniston. Only Jennifer Aniston could be that obsequious.


File photo of John leaving his NYC apartment last week from Splashnewsonline.com