Do you miss John Mayer?

Apparently he’s stopped talking out of his Twitter ass now that he’s working on a new album, or something. And not the way he quit the other 15 times. This time he straight up deleted his account, almost 4 million followers totally wiped out, conveniently amid rumours that he was hooking up again with Jennifer Aniston. Those reports were never substantiated.

So now we wait. We wait while he writes. We wait for the profundity that’s sure to come from his limp dick lyrical magic, if the smirk on his face today is any indication. Here’s John in New York after lunch growing out his hair again. It looks... relaxed? blown out? Whatever’s happening here I’m not feeling it. Really too bad because I like everything else going on – the jacket, the pants, the kicks... he’s a good looking guy. It’s just...this bitch gets hard for himself. Even more than your average celebrity. I don’t see how that’s better than staying at home with a good book.

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