The Difference of a Year

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 6, 2008 08:52:34 May 6, 2008 08:52:34

Last year John Mayer was accompanied by Jessica Simpson to the Costume Institute Gala. She wore a Cavalli that was too small, resulting in back fat and Lara and I lost our sh*t. It was the beginning of the end. Shortly after that, John and Jessica parted ways.

Twelve months later, he arrived solo with the spirit of Jennifer Aniston lingering all over him. And why not? Up close in person, John Mayer is hot. He wore it well. His hair was in good shape. He has a sexy gait.

But this is the manchild who loves famewhoring it on his blog. So of course he stopped for reporters. I was interviewing Joshua Jackson at the time. Joshua Jackson is Canadian so we chose to give up John Mayer.

What was impressive about John though is that while he wasn’t willing to give up any details about Jen, he also didn’t run from the question either. His answer all night when asked by every reporter down the line? Things are cool. Things are ok. No aggressive deflections, no rudeness, no indignant commentary, just a polite, well coached, calm and collected way of facing the storm. John kept it chill.

Now THAT is sexy.

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