By the end of it, when it actually ended, I admit… I was kinda sad. Too many fun smutty moments came from their relationship and the thought of Jess’s cheap ass weave getting urinated on by John Mayer was just too good.

But what should never have been could never have lasted. One look at them while they were together makes it plainly obvious: John was ashamed the entire time. John was shamed by his own c*ck. John’s brain was making him do things his soul couldn’t handle. The man"s a douchebag but he ain"t dumb.

See for yourself. Is this a man who is proud to be with this woman? My particular favourite is the shot of the two of them at the Costume Institute Gala – perhaps her lowest moment of the year just before he dumped her ass. Maybe even the reason why he dumped her ass. Am sorry…couldn’t resist the caption.

If you recall, I saw her that night while covering the event for eTalk Click here to review my observations.

Photos from Splash