Like a douche?

So apparently it wasn’t his mother – click here to read Sunday’s article about John Mayer out for dinner with two older ladies in his monogrammed jacket trying to be funny. Not funny. At all.

And not representative of a man who respects women. Certainly not older women. Were you doing them a favour Douchebag???

If you can believe it however, John says he’s now learned “how to behave”. It’s an article showing off his apartment – designed by Giorgio Armani – and John explains the motivation behind wanting to fix up his home:

After I finally figured out how to behave, and how to dress, I wanted to get the next thing—my apartment—right. It’s the last piece of the style puzzle.”

So this John is the “After John”? What’s the difference between the After John and the Before John?

Maybe it’s the concentration of the urine.

John is currently dueling dicks with Chelsea Handler – she bitch slapped him in the ass on Twitter the other day and now he’s announced on his Twitter that he’ll be tweeting during her show tonight. Because we’re all f-ckin’ dying to read his commentary. Like he’s funnier than Chelsea?

Douche…sit your ass DOWN.

More photos of his apartment click here.