John Mayer yesterday heading out of Amsterdam, presumably en route to England to hook up with Jennifer Aniston. Hate to say but he looks hot with his short fresh haircut. Hot and young. Which of course only works in her favour.

As you’ve read from all the stories in the tabloids – John’s impressive skill in the bedroom, how his sex has rejuvenated her – dating a younger man has been yet another rally cry to mobilise Aniston’s MiniVan masses. Oh the finger snaps on Oprah:

Mmm hmmm, uh huh. Go on girl. You go girl!

Ugh. Go on and F&CK OFF.

Jennifer Aniston is NOT Samantha Jones.

They are trying to sell her as Samantha Jones. Please make them stop. Comparing Jennifer Aniston to Samantha Jones is like visiting the Ferragamo shoe museum and pissing on a pair of vintage flats. It’s a f&cking travesty!!!

Go on girl. Piss on Aniston in the shower all you want. But stay away from Ms Jones. Please please stop pissing on Ms Jones.

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