Katy Perry was out with John Mayer in New York today. They were just photographed two nights ago - click here to see - and his hair was longer. So he’s had it cut very recently. It looks good on him. Now that he’s her boyfriend, I wonder if she encouraged it. I wonder if she ever encouraged it on Russell Brand and he refused. What would Russell Brand look like with it short the way Mayer’s wearing it short?

I have more of a say in my husband’s hair than he has in mine. He had it like Bradley Cooper for a while because I was into it. A long time ago when we first hooked up, before Brad Pitt did the Billy Idol, I asked him to bleach it and I was really into that too. But the other way around? Never. Ever. Maybe even the opposite. If he hates something I try on in a store I’m probably even more inclined to buy it.

Is it easier to swallow if you imagine that Katy isn’t a second class citizen in this relationship with Mayer unlike Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift? That, maybe, he might not be able to dick her like he dicked the others? I can’t decide about this and was hoping you could help me.