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Let’s get to know John RK Howard, just like we got to know Brock Allen Turner last year. You remember Brock Turner? Of course you do. Brock Turner, a swimming star at Stanford, raped his unconscious victim, Emily Doe, behind a dumpster and then blamed it all on alcohol. We wouldn’t have met Brock Turner had Emily Doe’s victim impact statement not made headlines around the world after a jury found him guilty of his crimes but the judge in the case was more concerned about his future than Emily Doe’s dignity and gave him a light sentence so he only ended up serving 3 months in jail. How reassuring that, after a terrible ordeal, Brock Turner will have opportunities to turn his life around.

Same goes for John RK Howard. Back in October 2015, John RK Howard, along with two others friends, assaulted their black schoolmate who is learning disabled. They’d been bullying their victim throughout the school year and one day, in the locker room, they pretended they wanted to be his friend, by offering him a hug, and when he fell for the ruse, they kicked a coat hanger up his ass. Later on, two coaches recorded the victim “admitting” to lying about the incident under the influence of his parents who are suing the school for $10 million for failing to protect their son. But let’s go back to that hug. Don’t forget about that hug – the hug that was promised to the victim right before his assailants abused him. Because a few months after those two coaches recorded his “confession”, the victim recanted in a deposition, explaining that he lied because he just “wanted my friends back”. 

On Friday, after pleading guilty to felony injury to a child (because he reached a deal with the prosecutors to avoid harsher charges) a judge sentenced John RK Howard to community service and 3 years probation – he will not serve time in prison and there’s the possibility that he could have his conviction erased after serving probation. (His two accomplices are underage and their files have been sealed.)
In other words, John RK Howard? He’s going to be fine! 

His victim? His victim currently lives in an assisted-living facility and has attempted suicide multiple times. But you know what? All that matters is that John RK Howard is going to be fine. Which is why we should know him, the same way we know Brock Allen Turner. Click here to learn more about John RK Howard, who tormented a disabled black teammate and is going to be fine.

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