If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, even back when it was just a newsletter, you’ll know that for years I’ve been trying to make Jennifer Aniston and John Stamos happen. For years. The universe kept denying me. Now possibly forever.

Stamos is involved in an extortion trial. Two tricks were trying to blackmail him alleging they had photos of him with cocaine and strippers and he called the cops. Staomos denies such pictures exist and the authorities haven’t been able to locate them. One of the defendants however was 17 at the time they met and claims Stamos gave her drugs and tried to go down on her but she refused and he got mad at first but then he was ok and they just became email pen pals after that... WHAT???

These of course are allegations coming from an extortionist, not exactly the most reliable witness, and his reps vehemently deny her account of their relationship but still...

We already know Uncle Jesse can party. And now how he parties is being called into question. Jen can’t be seen around that kind of party. A major obstacle has wedged itself between them.

Then again, if Mel Gibson’s example is any indication, the People, they might even feel sorry for John. They might put him in a victim corner and hug him even harder. And if that’s the case, he’d seem even MORE attractive to Jennifer Aniston. It’s not dead yet.

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File photos from Wenn.com