The Original JT and Kelly Preston are in Cannes. Tonight they showed up at AMFAR. That Growth on his chin came too. It even presented on stage. At some point you have to think that she approves of it, non? She has to. Because if it were me, I’d be Squawking Chickening that sh-t off of my husband’s face. Shaming. All kinds of abusive shaming.

What if you’re a guest at the party and can’t stop staring at it?

And then there’s This Hot Bitch, Sharon Stone. Normally I can get behind a lot when it comes to Sharon Stone. But this dress. This dress. With the holes. It’s hideous. It would be hideous on anyone, even Beyonce, even Gisele Bundchen. Also I think those are the wrong earrings. The face is still untouchable though.