It’s not just a John Travolta decision anymore. John Travolta will sue and he will fight and he will deny and he will pay what he has to pay to perpetuate the truth that they have struggled so hard to maintain - they being the Church, his wife, his management. His sexuality is THEIR business, his personal life is directed by an entire community.

Many of you wrote yesterday asking WHY and HOW Kelly Preston could accept this life. Your question comes on the assumption then that hers is a miserable one. It’s not. Between the two of them, Preston is reportedly the one who’s more deeply entrenched within the Organisation. And besides, just because they (allegedly) don’t f-ck doesn’t mean they don’t love each other very, very much. They do. They are best friends. You would have to be. So she’s in a lifelong commitment with her best friend who has provided for her a life of luxury she otherwise would likely not have had access to and she has the freedom to pursue her other physical needs with his blessing.

I mean... that doesn’t seem like it would suck. It may not be conventional but unconventional isn’t necessarily unfulfilling, if the arrangement works equally for both. It certainly seems to work for her. The question then isn’t why and how SHE can handle it, but why and how HE can. She’s not the one getting busted at the spa. She’s not the one getting caught with an indiscreet lover. She’s keeping her sh-t tight. We keep our sh-t tight when we want to keep our sh-t intact, when we don’t want that sh-t to change. Between the two of them then, she’s not the one who appears to be struggling with their choices is she?
Kelly Preston has as much to lose, and maybe more, from this scandal as John Travolta does.

If, for example, John Travolta came out, he’d at least be embraced by a community that has been waiting for him for a long, long time. Is there a similar community that will be around to catch Kelly? Probably not. What’s more likely to happen is that she’ll be branded a freak by the MiniVan Majority, called a terrible mother, and judged for her alternate lifestyle. You know, it might actually be a bigger risk for her than it is for him. And therefore even more reason for him to desperately struggle to maintain status quo.