Check him out on the set of Oliver Stone’s The Savages in California. As you can see, the head is shaved. No spray! Remember when he used to spray a shadow to make it look like he had more? Or the plugs?

No plugs. No shadow spray. Just John. And good!


Much more attractive here than he’s been for years.

You know what they say about the age in your head? Like no matter how old you get, in your mind, I guess you could say it’s your “spirit” age”, you’re still always That Age? My ma talks about this a lot. Especially now that she’s sick. She says, look at me know, I’m 61, but I never see myself as more than 30. This inevitably leads to a conversation about how hot she was then, how beautiful she was/is, and what a shame it is that I didn’t inherit that from her. Illness will never defeat my mother’s ego. Me I’ll forever be 25. In maturity too.

Spirit Age for John Travolta?

Do you think he’ll always think of himself as 22 year old Tony Manero? I feel like that’s what he keeps putting out there. I feel like that’s what he imagines when, you know, he hits up a health club and saunters around the sauna. It makes me really sad for him.

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