John Travolta’s chin growth was at the IIFA Awards in Tampa, Florida this weekend. Hands on hips. Few men pose with their hands on their hips. It’s a strictly female pose move. And the man DOUBLE hands on hips is even more rare. So good on JT for make this gender neutral.

Now about this thing on his chin…

Are my eyes just bugging or does it appear to be off-centre? Note where the dimple is. And then the patch. Right? Am I crazy?

Whoever’s gluing (that looks weird but it passes spell check; I think glue-ing is more clear) that sh-t on might want to check it more closely.

And then…of course…there’s dancing! With the finger up in the air! How happy are you now? How happy does this make you?

John Travolta’s campy cheese is like the new David Hasselhoff.