The last time we saw John Travolta - click here to see the photos - he was shaved bald on the set of The Savages. That was just 10 days ago. Yesterday John Travolta was introduced as the brand ambassador for Bombardier business jets at a hangar in Burbank, CA. As you can see, in less than two weeks, John’s hair is back, and thick, and evenly spread. It actually looks bushy and new, soft too, like the kind of fur you’d find on a plush toy. Interesting texture he’s working here. I wonder what it feels like.

Also I’m impressed with his rate of growth. I have very, very quick growing hair. Since April I have cut a total of 9 inches off my hair. And it’s still half way down my back. That said, I think Travolta might be able to take me. I never thought I would ever write a sentence like that.

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