You remember when George Michael was repeatedly arrested for soliciting in the woods? I kept writing “Just Get A Computer!” at the time but George, no, George likes to kick it old school. He likes it dark, anonymous, furtive, and, obviously, bucolic; it’s hard to convince him otherwise.

For John Travolta, his “forest” is the spa. John LOVES the massage. He has loved the massage all over the world. Even though he keeps getting caught at the massage, like George, he can’t help himself, he keeps going back.

Two lawsuits have been filed against Travolta this week both by male masseurs claiming John Travolta sexually harassed them during his sessions. You can read about the specifics on TMZ but in short, John allegedly gets hard when he’s receiving massage therapy, jams his boner suggestively into the masseur’s hips, hands, face during the massage, spreads his ass cheeks during treatment demanding to be serviced there, and becomes aggressive when denied.

Travolta’s lawyer is categorically denying the claims.

I can’t speak to the validity of these particular accusations but I can tell you that John Travolta + Male Masseur = Erection is a very basic Gossip Principle. When he was shooting Hairspray in Toronto he’d spend time at a posh member’s only fitness facility. I know two people, personal friends, men, who told me they were propositioned by him in the locker room. And there was allegedly at least one massage incident there too. One of my very best friends, male, years ago, was working at a hotel and showed Travolta to his room. He remembers clearly that Travolta did not want him to leave. Everyone has a John Travolta story. Everyone has a John Travolta spa story. Click here for an amazing one.

And remember Carrie Fisher’s interview with The Advocate?  

“I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know and we don’t care. Look, I’m sorry that he’s uncomfortable with it, and that’s all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss. Just leave it be.”

So, you’d think that it’s really not a secret anymore, right?

But back in January I was at a meeting with all these business types, mostly suited men, mid 30s to 40s,  well educated, reasonably well socialised, with wives and 2.7 children. During dinner they asked me about my job. When I told them that I’m a gossip they were all like, “Give us the scoop!” So John Travolta came up. And they Could.Not.Believe.It.

They’d never even heard of it.


This, then, is what he’s protecting.

Do you remember that in 1990 The National Enquirer ran a story - that they ended up retracting after pressure from Team Travolta - about John having an affair with a gay porn star? In 1991 he married Kelly Preston. Coincidence or conspiracy? The Daily Beast has a good summary of the John Travolta Gay History here. I call it Gay History because clearly Xenu has not been successful at shutting down that side of one of its most high profile followers. Every few years or so he falls out of line and has to be re-audited. And all the friends have to be rallied to help repair the damage.


Oh but you know, it’s not just the Church who’s been covering his truth up for years. SO many Hollywood players have been complicit in the same. Like...Oprah.

You’re telling me Oprah doesn’t know?

Oprah knows. Is it her business to out him? No, of course not. But she had him on her show for years and they talked incessantly about his marriage, his wife, and his life, perpetuating a fake front that appears to be growing more and more fragile. It’s the antithesis of the message the Mighty Opes was preaching to her flock.

What next for John?

He has enough money to pay off these people. He’ll be admonished and punished but it’ll go away eventually. Until, again, his impulses return, stronger and stronger the more they are repressed. And he finds himself back at the spa, dick in hand.