This is some really, really harsh hair-shading.

Think of your eyebrows and when you fill them in. That’s only a small section though. Now imagine doing that over your entire head. The result is John Travolta last night at the AFI event to honour Shirley MacLaine. I’ve mentioned this before but a long time ago and there have been new readers since:

Michelle and I interviewed John Travolta at the Super Bowl a few years ago. As he was coming down the press line she alerted me to his head. You could see the spray lines so clearly. Yes, it comes out of an aerosol can. I guess that’s the most efficient way to provide overall coverage. And such sharp lines too. So sharp he reminded me instantly here of Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber. This photo (the first attached) certainly helps.

It was Travolta’s first public appearance since the multiple masseur situation made headlines. Week after week it’s another allegation, another man claiming to have enjoyed a sexual relationship with him. It would be one thing to ride it out if he didn’t have a movie to promote but Savages opens in a month and originally Travolta was supposed to be on the press tour. His name was still on the last talent list I saw for the junket. Obviously they’ll make it clear, if he shows that is, that there are to be no personal questions. All the same, you’re putting him in front of the media at a time when he’s the star of a major scandal. God I wish I could be in the room during those strategy meetings.

Yesterday I went to see my hair stylist. He asked me whether or not John Travolta was gay. My hair stylist!?! Granted my stylist is straight...but still. It’s amazing to me how many people still don’t know.