Songs and Video Games

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 23, 2012 22:01:32 April 23, 2012 22:01:32

We have hockey on all the time during Round 1 of the NHL playoffs. If it’s the same at your place, you know that you get to know the commercials really well this time of year. And they have one ad on repeat that is MAKING ME CRAZY.

It’s some video game. A dude jumps off a building while remembering all the people he shot up in the war. And the song, the song they use - God it’s f-cking infuriating - is Hurt. Like, the Johnny Cash version which, I mean, I can’t even...

Do you ever sparingly listen to a piece of music? Not only because you don’t want to spoil it but also because - as corny as this sounds - it takes you to a place that’s too uncomfortable and raw? The way Johnny Cash sang the sh-t out of that song, when he sings “What have I become” and his voice catches, and you automatically associate it with the video, and how he lost June first and was gone soon after...

It’s too much. And it should be. Too much.

Now it’s a video game. Sometimes I wonder about how celebrity estates are managed. There’s a lot of cash money in gaming.

And because timing is everything, they honoured Johnny Cash in Austin the other night for We Walk The Line: A Celebration Of The Music of Johnny Cash with performances by many acclaimed artists including Kris Kristofferson, Sheryl Crow, Matthew McConaughey (presenter), Willie Nelson, and ...

That amazing crazy bitch Lucinda Williams. I love her so much. And you know what she sang?

Lucinda Williams covered Hurt.

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