They could have done the expected and made it all cool and slick…Johnny Depp and Keith Richards, two of the coolest and slickest, on the cover of Rolling Stone.

But instead it’s sweet, and loving, and endearing and even honest… I love it. Do you love it?

Keith of course is playing Captain Jack’s father in Pirates 3 as it is now widely known that Johnny based his interpretation of the character on Keith and was instrumental in bringing him on board for the third instalment:

"He was one of the people I admired for what he"s done and how he"s handled it. Forty-whatever years of being this god. And he"s just cool."

Indeed he is. Scary as f&ck but cool nonetheless.

But the admiration is mutual. Keith says that Johnny and Mick Jagger do the best impersonations of him. And he and Johnny also share a sense of humour. When asked if he’d seen the two previous Pirates movies, Keith replied:

“Oh ... yeah. How can you not with your grandkids around? I saw Pirates one when it came out. Pirates two I did fall asleep in, but I"d been up for three days." And Johnny answered:

"I might have fallen asleep myself.”

It was rather slow, non?

Hope the third lives up to its trailer. I do love Jack Sparrow.
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