Ok so we"re seeing her on a 2 week basis these days. Not bad, especially since she managed to get into the Vanity Fair event. Pics from JJB. Winona"s on her way back and I like it. I"m also still trying to find out if she managed to lock those doe eyes onto my Joaquin and consummate my wish. But I digress. The dress isn"t great but it"s saved by her tits and the round toe shoes would be salvageable if not for the frickin" granny hairnet holding back her bun. I mean, the Phoenix isn"t materialistic but given his past predilection for dating models, I doubt he"d find that terribly attractive. In fact, I doubt anyone would find that terribly attractive, including that grungey rocker dude she wasted 3 years of post-Depp existence with. Who would have thought that a screaming sex fiend would have this much trouble finding true love???