Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz are working on Pirates 4 in Hawaii. New set photos have emerged this week showing the two in costume and also rehearsing a drunken dance sequence on a boat out of costume. I love it when his hair is like this and tied back in a bandanna like that.

How’s that for a day at work?

Let Johnny Depp hold you from behind and GET PAID. Then go home to your husband, that sexy beast Javier Bardem. Please. La buena vida, is that how you say it?

Johnny made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con last year for Alice in Wonderland but could not get away from production to do the same this year for Pirates. Instead, Disney had him send a video. You should have heard the f-cking commotion when they played this video. You think he’ll ever win an Oscar for this role?

Photos from and Ramey