Arguments for:

  • Look at him
  • Major box office player, just signed massive deal with Disney
  • Certainly deserves to stand alongside the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney as 2 time holders of the SMA distinction
  • Family man, devoted to Vanessa Paradis, wild youth tamed by maturity, no recent scandals
  • Universally admired by gay straight, man, woman, and MiniVan

Arguments against:

  • He doesn’t give a sh-t
  • Is currently super low profile: SMA winners are usually in the thick of, coming out of, or moving into heavy promotion for a project. Johnny has been underground for a while until his next release and isn’t about to throw himself back in the spotlight just because People Magazine wants to call him sexy
  • Next year makes more sense when he has several movies in contention both at the box office and during awards season
  • Like George Clooney, it’d be nice to see Johnny win his first Oscar then get named the SMA at the same time

ODDS: 25 to 1