Keith Richards made a rare public appearance last night at the New York premiere of Sweeney Todd. As did a fairly friendly Sacha Baron Cohen. Because Sweeney Todd is cool. Because Tim Burton is cool. And of course Johnny Depp is cool. As mentioned before, Stephen King wrote a great article on the art of “cool” for Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago – click here to read...

Johnny has always been cool. So of course he was cool on the carpet in a polished suit minus his signature blue shades and not even wearing a hat but always always in his busted up boots. He’ll probably wear those to the Oscars too. And it’ll be ok. Because it’s Johnny Depp.

As for the Oscars… it’s almost a foregone conclusion he’ll be there. The critics have spoken and so far it’s been unanimous. Some have called Sweeney Todd Burton’s best since Beetlejuice, others have declared it the best movie of the year, predicting not only a nomination but a Best Actor WIN for Johnny Depp. It may be premature. But the point is Sweeney will bring Johnny Back to the Oscars. This is excellent news.

PS. More motivation to see it? Alan Rickman. Period. The end.

Photos from Wenn