Again – don’t insult him with a Freebie Five nomination. Why would one night be enough? Would a lifetime be enough?


Johnny Depp in London after dinner with frequent co-collaborator Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter and also at the Sweeney Todd presser – pics from Deppendance – all smiles, playing with his hot lips, cute and sex at the same time in that hat…

He will never age for me. Nor fade, nor die…

PS. Have you heard the story of Johnny being 2 hours late on set? My favourite story: he was shooting a movie, was super super late…when he arrived, all he did was shrug and say sheepishly –

Sorry…my daughter wanted to play.

And they forgave him. Because it’s Johnny Depp.

Yes yes. We’re not supposed to be unprofessional. To leave people waiting. But there are those rare gems who come along who can get away with anything, non?

PS. Can you imagine the Oscars this year? If Johnny gets a nod AND Angelina Jolie? The mayhem on that carpet.  Are you listening Academy?


photos from Wenn