The Hollywood Film Awards happened last night. Remember when they were televised last year? And, still, no one knows what the f-ck the Hollywood Film Awards actually mean except that somehow they get a lot of super famous people to show up?

Last year at the Hollywood Film Awards, Johnny Depp showed up and this went down:

This year Johnny showed up, with Amber Heard, and presented an award to Joel Edgerton with Dakota Johnson. All three of them star in Black Mass. Unfortunately – or fortunately – the show wasn’t on TV so we don’t know whether or not Johnny gave a repeat performance of his drunkenness but it is interesting that he’s there. For all his fronting that he’s not interested in winning awards, he seems, so far, to be a lot more present than he usually is during award season. Maybe then it’s true that he’s not into winning the award but his wife wouldn’t mind if he’s nominated, so that she can GO to the awards. You’ll note, she was there as a presenter too – to Tom Hooper, who has The Danish Girl in contention this year, in which Amber has a minor role. I guess Eddie Redmayne wasn’t available. Best outfit of the night, though, I’ll give her that. Especially the accessories.