Art of Elysium gala on Saturday. Amber Heard was accepting an award and Johnny Depp came to support her. They made a point of proving to you that they’re not breaking up and not experiencing problems in their relationship by kissing each other with open mouths. Um, OK Johnny, I believe you. Especially when you walk the entire length of the carpet with your “extra tough, I’m a badass” face on.

Mortdecai opens soon, on January 23. Gwyneth Paltrow was at the Globes last night representing the film. She’s basically been the only public representative of it so far. At some point, he’s going to show up to promote it, right? Or does he hide away in the rocker man cave with Marilyn Manson, leaving G to wear the embarrassment.

Mortdecai and JLO’s The Boy Next Door will be released on the same day. Both likely will be hilariously sh-t movies and yet one seems like way more fun. Two years ago I would never think that I’d give my money to a Jennifer Lopez over a Gwyneth Paltrow + Johnny Depp one.