Normally I wouldn’t cover this story. But I know you’ll be pounding me with emails this all day. As I always say though, please, please, PLEASE, before you get excited about gossip, any gossip, please, please, PLEASE consider the source.

The source is IN TOUCH WEEKLY.

In Touch Weekly keeps saying that Katie Holmes is leaving Tom Cruise. That Angelina Jolie is still f-cking Billy Bob Thornton. That Cameron Diaz came to her senses and dumped Diddy for Jude Law.


Now it’s Johnny Depp hooking up with Ashley Olsen. Supposedly on February 26th when he slept over at her place in NYC and didn’t leave til the next day, looking like total sh-t, after which point an email was apparently sent to everyone in the building about Johnny Depp being there to hide out from the paps.

Click here to read the story made up of the sketchiest details ever.

But would this be Good For Gossip? Well, it depends on who you are.

If you’re a Johnny Depp mega fan...

Probably not.

If you’re a gossip blogger...

Of course.

Because nothing turns away the MiniVan Majority like a clandestine association with an Olsen Twin. And that might be the shake-up he needs. Not too long ago I compared Depp to Demi Moore. Click here and here and here for refreshers. This a man who needs to LET GO. I’m over it. HE should be over it. So while it’s probably not true, this business with Ashley Olsen, I do hope it is. If only to kickstart a minor backlash and expose the foolishness. Come now. If he was a woman, you would have called him on it a long time ago. Get your sh-t together. People get older. It happens all the time.