Johnny Depp and the Dark Shadows team were in London tonight for the UK premiere. Is it freaking you out too that Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloe Moretz look and act the same age? It’s a compliment for one and not a compliment for the other.

Obviously no one here approaches the amazingness of Helena Bonham Carter. Did you see her on Life’s Too Short? She’s the best.

As for Johnny Depp - all’s quiet lately on the situation between him and Vanessa Paradis. PEOPLE reported way back in January that it was “all but over”; not that it’s his style to confirm the end of a relationship but no one actually seems sure whether or not it is...though he’s still not talking and perhaps that means they’re trying to sort it out?

And what of those rumours that Johnny and Eva Green, his Dark Shadows co-star, were messing around? In Hollywood? Between actors? In a heightened environment on set? I mean anything is possible. Johnny and Michelle Pfeiffer is possible. If something did go down between Johnny and Eva though, I’m not sure it lasted. Because Eva flew commercial into London yesterday. Johnny, as usual, flew private. You’d think he’d have his girlfriend on the plane, non?