Megan Fox brought her brand of low classy poor man’s Angelina to Letterman today and spiced it up with a little Dita von Teese. The Fox is feeling triumphant. Her movie, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, despite getting annihilated by critics, just set a box office record for a Wednesday open.

My favourite is the review from the Wall Street Journal:

Compared to this sequel, the first "Transformers," which was released two years ago, ranks right up there with Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason."


But while her movie may be #1, Megan will not tonight be the #1 guest. That honour belongs to Johnny Depp.

I know you know what I’m thinking. She better keep her tramp hands and that skanky thumb away from the Depp. If she goes near him, wouldn’t you go all twi-hard on her plastic ass? Twi-hard is now synonymous with stalker. Heh.

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