They’ve confirmed that they have “amicably separated”. This after PEOPLE initially reported in January that they were all but over, living separate lives. Last month Johnny tried to deny it while promoting Dark Shadows but it looks like they couldn’t make the save. After 14 years and 2 children, it’s done.

I’m in Vegas and about to leave for a shoot so a more extensive report will come tomorrow after I wait for some call-backs but here are a few quick thoughts until then:

-more people I’ve been talking to for months were more suspicious about his publicist than they were about any combination of Eva Green or Amber Heard

-V is shrewd and J isn’t cheap. It may have taken this long just to negotiate the terms

-Will V have agreed to a confidentiality agreement? Johnny Depp is super stealth and super secretive. She’ll be compensated generously for her discretion.

-Why is it always about money? Johnny Depp works with Disney, closely. MONEY is what Johnny Depp is about and why would you think any differently? Because he wears a ripped pair of pants now and again?

-Brad Pitt is more stable than Johnny Depp now. And has been for a while. Remember that when you’re at your Gossip Buffet deciding what to blame for the demise of this relationship. She tried as hard as she could for as long as she could.

More tomorrow.