You remember when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were engaged and it happened to be when he was promoting some movie and it became like their engagement tour?

Why am I getting the same vibe from Johnny Depp?

Is Johnny Depp as cheesy as Tom Cruise?

Depp and his fiancée were in New York the other day. Not sure why but I was just reminded this weekend that his new film Transcendence is coming out on April 18. That’s soon. And there’s been very little buzz. So he has to get going on that. With Amber by his side.

Look at those jeans. I CANNOT anymore with those jeans. He thinks they make him look rock and cool. I think they make him look like Criss Angel. 

I just compared Johnny Depp to Tom Cruise and Criss Angel in the same article. What is happening to him?!?

Well, he’s becoming – or has always been? – the guy who hosts themed engagement parties. That happened last week in LA. Their theme? The most OBVIOUS theme:


How about this as a general rule?

If it could also be a children’s birthday party, DON’T DO IT.