This is Johnny Depp at Nice airport today with his children Lily-Rose and Jack. Apparently they’re on holiday in the South of France. Given that he’s packing some beer along with them, perhaps they’re heading out on the boat? The boat is called Vajoliroja - Vanessa, Johnny, Lily-Rose, Jack. Oh, now that makes me sad.


I just googled Vajoliroja to check the spelling. Am I the only asshole who didn’t know that it’s available for charter, presumably when he’s not using it? Click here if you have the cash money for that kind of thing.

Anyway, Johnny, as you know, was bailed out of his own relationship scandal by Katie Holmes who dumped Tom Cruise via her divorce lawyer. Three weeks ago however Johnny was the main headline as rumours continued to circulate that he and Vanessa Paradis broke up because he prefers hanging out with Marilyn Manson and Amber Heard and/or his publicist Robin Baum. He tried to counter the negative publicity by encouraging reports that Vanessa’s a horrible French nag who wouldn’t let Johnny be Johnny and forced him to make Disney movies for lots of money. Then Katie Holmes staged her great escape and everyone forgot about drunk Johnny and his midlife crisis.

Now Johnny gets papped with the kids for some family time. Coincidence or conspiracy?

In happier Johnny Depp news - omg so excited - Johnny Depp + Wes Anderson!

Depp will star in Anderson’s upcoming The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Did you give in to my nagging and see Moonrise Kingdom? Why not!? The other day, my friend Gab and I played What Are Your Top 3 Favourite Wes Anderson movies? Mine are: 

1.The Royal Tenenbaums (I always forget that Owen Wilson co-wrote that screenplay.)
2.Moonrise Kingdom

Gab’s 1 and 2 are the same but she argues that Life Aquatic is seriously underrated. We both agree - like everyone - that Darjeeling is the worst, thanks Adrien Brody. Am very curious to see how Johnny plays in the Anderson world.