Johnny Depp is in Venice today, seen here at the Black Mass photo call looking…sauvage. And not in the Khal Drogo way either. Earlier this week, just in time to promote the film, Dior dropped the first ad for their Sauvage fragrance, starring Johnny Depp, the wannabe rock star. That guy looks a lot different than this guy. This guy, in the green jacket and the khaki pants is some kind of creepy high school vice principal who still hopes someone discovers the band he plays in at the local bar every third Wednesday of the month.

Early reviews for Black Mass are very positive and Le Sauvage’s performance is receiving a lot of praise. Some are even calling it a comeback. So far then, Johnny’s looking like a contender for Best Actor. You know what’s interesting? Check out this roundup of critical response - there aren’t many, but given what is presented here, the men seemed to be more into it than the one woman who voiced her opinion on Johnny’s portrayal of Whitey Bulger. Am very curious to see how that looks once the pool of reviews is broadened.