Arguments for:
- It’s Johnny Depp. Please don’t make me list all the reasons why. It’s Johnny Depp.
- He’s about to open a new film. It’s called The Tourist.
- In a popularity contest, Johnny Depp beats almost everyone. And with the 25th SMA anniversary in mind, he is the choice for the democracy. He would also become the first 3 time winner.

Arguments against:
- Depp just won last year. People has never named the same SMA back to back. It would be unprecedented. And, perhaps, takes away from the suspense.
- Errr...he looks like sh-t in The Tourist. The Lord will strike me.
- The 25th anniversary issue, more than any other, requires a certain amount of buy-in. If I’m one of the editors, I’d want an exclusive interview, some new photos, I’d want to commemorate the milestone with something more substantive than stock images and an innocuous interview with no new quotes. Last year, Johnny had no personal involvement in the cover story. He did not engage. And I simply can’t see him engaging this time either.

Odds: 12 to 1

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