Johnny Depp as The Lone Ranger? Or Tonto?

Disney unveiled its slate of blockbuster projects yesterday at the Kodak Theatre with Johnny Depp making a surprise appearance and it sounds like Depp is committed to Disney for at least the next decade. Good for them, good for him, maybe not so good for his artistic sensibilities?

He’s signing on for a 4th Pirates. Jack Sparrow is immortal. And that franchise is an automatic treasure chest…even if it sucked around the second.

More promising though is Johnny’s reteaming with Tim Burton to play the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland and…

It’ll be Tonto in a new film version of The Lone Ranger.


Disney bags them all. The jailbaits AND the legends…

Question: Is it ok to hate on Disney about Miley and female double standards and glorifying virginity as a sales pitch but support Johnny Depp at the same time?