Depp Porn!

Johnny Depp supposedly directed Vanessa in her new video L’incendie casting himself (it’s obvious, init?) as the object of her romance. As such… it’s like watching her dancing for him. And singing for him. And seducing him with her eyes. Even though there are people milling about all the time during a shoot, suspend cynicism for a moment and imagine it’s just Johnny behind the camera watching Vanessa watching him.

Hot, non?

The only, teeny teeny tiny observation, and please please please don’t be mad, is that there are few angles here where she looks uncannily like Kate Moss.

Having said that…she is NOT Kate Moss. Unlike Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis is not a junkie. Or an asshole. And definitely not a terrible mother.

Sorry for the super cheese but Vanessa is Johnny’s final love. Please… if there is a Xenu… among all the inevitable Hollywood splits, please let this one be forever.

Click here for the video the video.

Thanks to Vanessa – une autre – for the tip!