Not that you need any more reason to love him, not that it’s necessary to defend why he’s Lifetime as opposed to Freebie Five but still…why pass up an opportunity to adore Johnny Depp?

Currently starting promoting for Sweeney Todd Johnny was asked by Entertainment Weekly about his daughter’s illness earlier this year. Swoon away:

"Now every single millisecond is a mini-celebration. Every time we get to breathe in and exhale is a huge victory. She pulled through beautifully, perfectly, with no lasting anything. To say it was the darkest moment, that"s nothing. It doesn"t come close to describing it. Words are so small. But knowing that those people, Tim (Burton) and the crew, shut down and stood by and waited ... I didn"t know if I was coming back. I remember talking with Tim, saying, `Maybe you need to recast." Once we were given the all-clear, I had to dive back into the work. I had to get back in there for Tim."

A devoted father AND loyal friend.


Johnny Forever.

Photos from WENN