It was revealed the other day that Johnny Depp has been cast in the sequel to Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them and may have a cameo in the first movie. I called it f-cksh-t. And it’s apparently f-cksh-t a lot of other Wizarding World fans as well as there was instant backlash when the news came out.

For starters, it’s an unimaginative, obvious choice. And then, of course, there’s what we’ve been hearing about Johnny all year after his breakup with Amber Heard. That he abused her, allegedly. And I’m supposed to say here that they were “allegations” because apparently photos are not enough. And a settlement statement that pretty much supports her position. And her subsequent donation of the money she received in that settlement. We need blood signed confessions and a live feed before a woman can be believed when she comes forward – and even then it’s a maybe.

As if there was any question. Johnny Depp will be fine, always. And he’s not the only actor who continues to have opportunities despite their f-ckups, what many are objecting to, specifically in this case, is that this franchise will draw a young audience, a lot of children. I mean… that’s already the case with Pirates of the Caribbean. The next movie comes out in 6 months. Not that I’m justifying it. But, apart from Fantastic Beasts, he’s already going to be marketed to kids. They can claim they’re just following a precedent.

Like many of you though, I’m wondering about JK Rowling and what she thinks. I haven’t seen her tweet about it all. Not that she could because the studio hasn’t officially confirmed it and likely won’t until Fantastic Beasts come out. So I’m curious to see if and how she responds once she’s able to. And I’m scared about that. I’m scared to know what that will look like. 

Attahced - Depp at 2016 Rhonda's Kiss at El Rey Theatre in LA last night.