Reports out of Australia where Johnny Depp is supposed to be working on Pirates 5 – he’s “missing”. As you know, Depp left the set last month when he injured his hand to return to the US for surgery. Apparently he was scheduled to be back in Australia last Monday. But the Gold Coast Bulletin claims that he didn’t board his scheduled private plane. And now they have no idea when they’re going to see him. As of Friday he still wasn’t en route, which allegedly means they’ll have to move the schedule around to account for his absence. Everyone’s apparently been just kinda standing around waiting to find out what he decides to do.

And the “official” side of the side of the story?

The film’s publicist, Michael Singer, tells the Sydney Morning Herald that none of it is true.

"Johnny Depp is on schedule for what and when he is required to film."

Singer did not say however exactly when they’d be seeing Johnny and how they were working around him. It’s been over a month. At some point they’ll run out of things they can shoot without him.

So where is he?

Well, his wife is in New York. Amber Heard spent the weekend out with friends and promoting her projects at the Tribeca Film Festival. And according to Page Six the relationship is fractured because of her friendship with photographer iO Tillett Wright who used to live in Johnny’s guest house after Amber and iO started hanging out a couple of years ago. The suggestion is that Johnny is jealous of how close they are. And Amber’s been with iO since last week; they were seen together at several parties. iO posted this on Tumblr a couple of days ago: 

Through all this, and it’s not like Amber’s been hiding, there’s been no sign of Johnny. So if he’s in New York (and her birthday is on Wednesday), he’s in stealth mode, not wanting work to see that he’s not at work. But then what a f-cking bummer that must be – being with your friends in the city and your middle-aged husband’s hiding out, waiting for you when you get home…?

If he’s even there, that is. Johnny’s Best Friend Forever, Marilyn Manson, has had a couple of weeks off from his tour. I’d look on his couch before I’d check his wife’s.