Johnny Depp went out for dinner the other night in LA. When he was leaving he was rushed by autograph seekers and photographers. At one point he fell down. There’s video. Now some people are calling him a drunk mess.


As a blogger, believe me, I understand the need to bitch and snark. As a low-life gossip piece of sh-t, I do enjoy engaging in a good tear-down of x/y/z celebrity. But I don’t think that works if you have to force it. I don’t think it works if there’s no story there to begin with. Or if you have to sh-t on logic in order to get there, just for the sake of bitching and snarking.

I was critical of Johnny Depp last week for his “rape” remarks in Vanity Fair. Click here if you missed the Sit DOWN. The ensuing apology? It was good, heartfelt. But... how about next time just not comparing your goddamn celebrity existence, with your private island and all those benefits, to the experience of being RAPED?

Inappropriate choice of words and self-indulgent movie star attitude aside though, I don’t see anything in the video below that warrants participation in the mass mob mouth foamy “I hate Johnny Depp HE NEEDS REHAB HE’s A MESS” party. Here. Watch first.

It doesn’t look to me like he’s stumbling around like Lindsay Lohan. But it does look to me like some dude ran him over and, having probably enjoyed a few drinks AT DINNER, he was a little unsteady on the way up. Is it enough to start looking through blind items about the next major movie star to shoot up and overdose? Jesus. Because he still plays with his band, doesn’t drive a MiniVan to pick up his kids, and isn’t wearing pleated pants like a proper middle-aged Father?

I’m not sure that’s enough to go on, sorry. I think we need a little more, don’t we? I think we might need a little more.

Can we instead acknowledge that, though embarrassed, he continued to sign autographs and calmly got into his car and pulled away? Can we appreciate that he didn’t immediately hop on Twitter and blame the paps? Maybe all the pig fat I ate this weekend is eating up hate but if anything, all this video did was make me love him again - for being so chill, for not reacting violently to the humiliation, for the bemused smile pulling at his mouth, the ability to laugh at himself for looking like an idiot. That works for me.