And thanks God. For much too long, especially with the Jolie in The Tourist, there was a layer of something sitting on his beautiful face, and it was heartbreaking, and frightening, to think that Johnny Depp might actually be losing his looks. Or f-cking with them.

If he was f-cking with them, whatever he did or didn’t do has apparently, like Jennifer Aniston’s, settled too. The result, on Oprah yesterday, was a return to Hot. Soooo hot. Like the world is right again. It’s also because he’s cut his hair.

I don’t follow the Mighty Ope schedule so I never know who’s going to be on and when, which is why I missed it yesterday, and the videos they have of it on YouTube so far, at press time, are sh-t quality. Click here to see it in HQ on Oprah’s site. It needs to be seen in HQ. So that you can appreciate how gorgeous, how sexy his gait when he walks out with champagne flutes, how thick his hair, short and much, much better, how he speaks with that strange little accent.

This goes back to what I touched on in the Ryan Gosling article yesterday. We don’t forgive Madonna for her affectations. Why do we forgive it in Johnny? Or anyone else we want as a boyfriend? Look, where Johnny’s concerned, I’ll admit to being guilty of it too. Can we agree that “yeah but he’s hot” might be the female equivalent of a guy dating a dumb girl because she has great tits?

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 opens on May 20. Very soon. Really curious how much damage it’ll do at the box office, if the appetite for it is still there, if it’s just as strong or stronger, or if it’s beginning to wane.

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