Johnny Depp and Keith Richards went out for dinner last night in London. Perhaps he needed a little inspiration. He’s always said that Captain Jack Sparrow was an homage to the rock legend. Would love to know what they talk about.

Yesterday I posted a short preview to the trailer for The Tourist. Later on in the day, the full trailer was released online. Have you seen it?

We were analysing it last night over drinks after a full day of junkets and carpets and a week of quality film. What is it, The Tourist? No one knows. And this trailer isn’t saying. It could be an action thriller. It could also be a comedy. Or some kind of romance? Not really sure. And right now, at least the way they cut it, it might actually be a mess. What’s with all the weird accents?

Chill your f-cking sh-t out Brangelunatics. I get it. The trailer means nothing. Well let’s hope so, non? Because Johnny isn’t exactly his beautiful best here either. And...umm... for all the hype about their potential chemistry, I’m not feeling any, are you?

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