Johnny in Puerto Rico

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 1, 2009 07:16:09 April 1, 2009 07:16:09

There to film The Rum Diary. Have you read it? I did over the course of six days or so and couldn’t figure out at the time why I was so stressed out, almost manic, in a permanent clench. Love a book that gets into your head.

This week we’re 3 for 3 on rare quiver sightings. Viggo, Ed Norton, now Johnny…

All avoid the paps successfully, all photographed relatively rarely, especially JD. He flies private everywhere, pays a lot to guard his privacy, goes out of his way to ensure his Vanessa and his children can move around relatively undisturbed. It IS possible you know.

Anyway, Johnny is playing Paul. As you know, there’s a special place in Johnny’s heart for Hunter S Thompson. He even paid for his funeral. So you know, not that he ever phones it in, but you know that on this film in particular, he is totally givin’er.

This is Johnny at lunch break yesterday signing autographs for fans. Those sunglasses…not his best look. They’re doing something weird to his face. But he’s so gracious and kind. He’s always so great with the crowd. No matter how tired he might be, or how much they’re rushing him, he always stops, he always obliges, and he’s always super sweet about it…. makes up for the weird waxy way his face is pinching. Besides, he’s so method he’s probably looking like sh-t on purpose.

Johnny for life.

The Rum Diary is scheduled for release next year.

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