Of course not. But if were a writer at In Touch/Life & Style/Star/OK Magazine this would be the headline accompanying these photos. And the article below:

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie continue to shoot their new thriller The Tourist in Italy. This is a scene in which Depp appears to be handcuffed to a boat while a hooded, mysterious, and scheming Jolie watches nearby. An insider tells In Touch/Life & Style/Star/OK Magazine that once Angelina saw Johnny bonded to the boat, her wild sexual appetite was reignited. Angelina and Brad have not been intimate in a long time but finally Johnny stoked something deep inside of her, and she immediately remarked to an assistant that she found the image too distracting. She kept flubbing her lines the rest of the night.

Afterwards, Jolie sidled up to Depp and joked that he should bring the handcuffs back to her dressing room. She licked her full lips and hypnotised him with her eyes and unleashed the full power of the temptress and he succumbed. The two were later seen sneaking away.

Meanwhile, our source says Brad Pitt was managing all 6 children by himself and in a fit of frustration he turned on his computer to Skype Jennifer Aniston. According to a close Pitt associate, Jen sang a lullaby to the twins who were fussing and upon hearing her voice they fell asleep right away.

Photos from Wenn.com